Cultural Fluency is a series of conversations, exhibitions, and events which examine the exchange between place and creative practice. Both the online forum and limited-edition newspaper began in conjunction with the 2013 exhibition Cultural Fluency: Engagements with Contemporary Brooklyn held at BRIC Rotunda Gallery, in Brooklyn, NY. Created and moderated by artist Erin Gleason, the forum aims to expand the dialogue across fields and globally.

If you are interested in taking part, please feel free to contact Erin directly at: erin [at] eringleason.com.



Believing in the free exchange of information, the contents of this site are licensed under Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives). You are free to share, copy, distribute, and transmit our content under the following conditions:

* You must attribute reproduced content to www.culturalfluency.info.
* You may not use our content for commercial purposes.
* You may not alter or transform our content.
* You must provide a link back to www.culturalfluency.info.
* PLEASE NOTE: Individual images and texts reproduced on Cultural Fluency are copyrighted, however, to the originating artists and writers.

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